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I have paid for Carracho and but the login does not work.
Carracho is currently available free of charge. Carracho Communications GbR does NOT charge you for the use of Carracho. Carracho servers are run by independent third parties and many servers do not require a login. Please refer to this link for more information, if you have obtained Carracho from another website.

I can't run Carracho because the "CarbonLib", the "NavigationServices", and the "InterfaceLib-FetchFontInfo" cannot be found. What do I have to do?
Please install CarbonLib 1.04 that you can download for free from the Apple® server at and use Carracho X even if you don't have MacOS X® installed on your Mac®.

When I download any Carracho software it will not mount because of a ShrinkWrap engine error. What do I have to do?
Please mount the .img file with Disk Copy. You can download it for free from the Apple® web server at

How do I change my user icon?
To change your icon you first have to open the Carracho Client preferences (Command - Y). Then copy a small image from an image editing program (size 16x16 pixel) to you clipboard (Command - C) and paste it into the user icon field of Carracho (Command-V).

What does Carracho mean?
"Karacho" is a German word for "high speed" and it has a Spanish origin. We modified the spelling to make it unique.

How do I set up a Carracho server?
To set up an own Carracho server please start the server application. Then open the Carracho client and choose File > New Connection (Command - N). A New Connection window should appear. Enter the host address of your server (it's the IP address you can see in the Log window of your server) and log in as "admin" without a password. You can administrate the server with the client by choosing Connections > Carracho Server > Administration.

Will there be a Carracho version for PCs or Linux?
We plan to release a final version of Carracho for the MacOS® before porting it to other platforms.

Where can I find a manual about Carracho?
We are working on detailed documentation for Carracho. This will be available on this web site very soon.

Is there a way to use Carracho behind a firewall/proxy?
To use Carracho through a proxy/firewall ask your system administrator to open the ports 6700(TCP) and 6701(TCP) for the Carracho server and 6702(TCP and UDP) for the Carracho client. If it is a SOCKS v4 firewall, you can enter its address in the Internet control panel (MacOS X doesn't support this function yet).

After upgrading from an old version Carracho becomes unstable?
In a few cases there might be an incompatibility with the preferences file from older versions of Carracho. Try removing the Carracho preferences file and launch the application again.

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